Mahjong Connect

To begin playing Mahjong Connect, click the -Play- button at the bottom of the game screen. The game will begin on the next screen. If you prefer to play Mahjong Connect without music, you can mute the games music by clicking the speaker icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

The purpose of this game is to match pairs of tiles. In addition to needing to have the same design, in order to match a pair of tiles, either their right or left side must not be touching another tile. When you match a pair of tiles, they will vanish from the screen. This will cause the column they are in to shift down. In order to clear all the tiles and advance to the next level, you need to be strategic about which tiles you clear. Your success at this game will depend on being able to control the movement of the columns.

The games timer is located at the bottom of the screen. From the moment you begin playing, the timer will begin running down. In order to beat a level, you must clear all the tiles before the timer hits zero.

As you are playing the game, you can pause it by either pressing the -Pause- button or clicking the -P- key on your keyboard. If you get stuck, you can get a hint by clicking the -Hint- button or clicking the -T- key on your keyboard.

To conquer Mahjong Connect, you will need to successfully clear all twelve levels of the game!

Select Tile: Left Click